A partnership with EORTC in sight!

06 March 2015
Maite Grisard

The European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) showed great interest in Andaman7 when we met them. We are now talking about a common project to collect socio-economical data for the organisation using A7.
Stay tuned for more info! Have a great week.

Beta for iPad available

20 February 2015
Maite Grisard

Andaman7 beta is now available on iPad via Apple's TestFlight app!
Here is what it means to be a beta tester:

San Francisco 2015!

20 February 2015
Maite Grisard

We are keeping it up in 2015! In May, Vincent and I will be going to shake up San Francisco!

FICHE Bootcamp at Murcia, Spain.

30 January 2015
Maite Grisard

This week was intense and rich for us at A7. Antoine and I flew to Murcia, Spain for a special bootcamp with health organisations staff helping us through the accelerator's phase 1 program.

Great conferences, great people, great feedback and even a "muy bien" at our pitching exercise!

We went home energised and full of ideas for our project. All that's left for us is to work hard and deliver what's needed and more to go to phase 2! Let's get to it!

We got into FiWare European accelerator: FICHe

05 January 2015
Maite Grisard

Boy are we happy! We just learned that Andaman7 got into phase one of the FICHe program!

FICHe is a european Accelerator providing startups with great perks! Phase 1 gets us :

Access to the FiWare tools A 15 000 EUR grant A two days bootcamp with conferences and coaching

We are excited to enter this new community and hope to continue the adventure to phase 2 and 3! We'll keep you posted!

Happy holidays!!!

19 December 2014
Maite Grisard

All the team at Andaman7 wishes you the very best for the year 2015! May you be healthy, loved and successful in all your endeavours!

LeWeb 2014, Paris.

12 December 2014
Maite Grisard

Thanks to the AWT and, we attended the big digital gathering of LeWeb in Paris.

Conferences were most interesting, food was irresistible and the crowd was indeed in a digital mood.

Andaman7 now a product of A7 Software

20 November 2014
Maite Grisard

Following Manex' sale, the new company A7 Software, fully owned by Vincent, was officially created this month. Andaman7 now becomes the first product of this new startup focusing on software development for the health industry.

Of course, the A-team gathered within Manex is following A7 to the new entity.

Montreal, here we come!

31 October 2014
Maite Grisard

To prove that we meant it and to jump on the "go global" train right away, we decided to follow the ICT Guided Tour organised by the Walloon Agency of Telecommunication (AWT) during an AWEX mission to Montreal (QC, Canada).

Here are a few things we saw and did:


15 September 2014
Maite Grisard

We got into Leansquare!

After pitching our project and filling out a questionnaire, we got the great news! Andaman7 will join Leansquare, the accelerator in Liège that is powered by the investment fund Meusinvest.
We are delighted to have such support as we start our journey. We will need all the help we can get to successfully bring our app to the global market!

Download Andaman7, it's free!

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