Liège in the future, A7 included!

17 September 2015
Maite Grisard

Yesterday we were at Liège's theater for the Trends Tendance magazine event: "Liège au futur".

Vincent got to pitch A7 to a great audience and along with 4 of the very best growing startups in the city:

- Fleye

- Phasya

- Royal App Force

- Note Campus

Bart, our first ambassador

15 July 2015
Maite Grisard

He is here! Our first fantastic ambassador is Bart!

Bart is an occupational health & safety physician by training (K.U.Leuven) and a ICT specialist by choice working at IDEWE vzw (>35.000 member companies). He is our first ambassador and volunteer translator. You'll find him in our Contact page:

Thanks to him, the app is available in Dutch. Any new language can be added as easily.

Apple friendly

18 June 2015
Maite Grisard

During our US field trip, we were lucky enough to meet with Apple at their headquarters

Not only did we enter the highly secure and secretive institution, but we also got the wonderful opportunity to discuss about A7 over breakfast

Then, once back in Belgium, Vincent got a second meeting with Apple Belgium and talked some more about the project.

June 2nd 2015: A7 available on iPads

05 June 2015
Maite Grisard

This was a big week for us at Andaman7!

Thanks to the great feedback received during the beta, we launched A7 on the App Store last Tuesday at the Silicon Valley NewTech event! The app is now available worldwide!!!

You can now go right ahead and download A7 to create your very first Synchronized Health Record!

TIEcon in Santa Clara, California

20 May 2015
Maite Grisard

From May 14 to May 16 included, our days have been pretty busy on the Pacific coast! Thanks to the Belgian Trade Commission, l'Agence du numérique, l'AWEX and, last but not least, TIE Brussels, our agenda was packed with people to see and conferences to attend.

A first project with EORTC

05 May 2015
Maite Grisard

After doing a POC (Proof of Concept) for the European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) integrating one of their clinical trial forms into Andaman7, we are now moving forward. We are working on a first partnership that will be a test of Andaman7 potential in clinical trials and research projects.

Team Building #1

23 April 2015
Maite Grisard

Our first team building is done! We planned the afternoon and this is how it went down:

Long live PLUG-R

01 April 2015
Maite Grisard

Gaëlle and I had a great time at Plug-R last Friday!

Everybody who's anybody in Liège was there (and so was the rest of us!). The event was promoting the city's initiatives and we were a part of it! I'm gonna say it again later but they deserve it at least twice: thank you Plug-R for the great evening!

For those who weren't there, here is what you missed: several groups of people were invited to listen to pitches in 4 great spots:

ByeBye FICHe

01 April 2015
Maite Grisard

You win some, you loose some ...

Yesterday we got the news, we are not part of FICHe phase II program.

First thought was: should we have done something different? NO! We are a strong team and so were the reports we delivered. We shall not blame ourselves!

Second thought was: YOU'LL SEE!!! We are gonna be awesome!!! We'll show you Europe!!! A few years from now you'll think of us as the ones you SHOULD have backed up!!!

Third and final thought was: OK... Moving on... What's next?

Plug-R inauguration in Liège

23 March 2015
Maite Grisard

March 27 is the day that Plug-R is introduced to society. And yes we'll be there with A7!
The inauguration will take place in Liège and will focus on promoting the city and its businesses, yours truly included. I will be pitching Andaman7 to the startup ecosystem.
Attendance is free so don't be shy! Come and say hi!

Download Andaman7, it's free!

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