Capzule app discontinued - Andaman7 takes over

28 June 2016
Jeremy Bachelet

"Capzule", a mobile app built to track health and wellness for families (sounds familiar? :) ), has decided to retire their activity.

We hate seeing great projects go down and thus wanted to offer all 100 000 users of "Capzule" a way to continue their healthy initiative. We contacted the head of the project and told him just that! On their website, "Capzule" now kindly recommends all their users to download Andaman7 to continue tracking and managing their health data.

Andaman7 at RespirH@cktion

21 June 2016
Jeremy Bachelet

RespirHacktion is the first european hackathon dedicated exclusively to respiratory diseases.

Both projects we submitted were successfully accepted in the competition...Yay! Lots of great stuff among the competing projects so we will need everybody's vote in a few weeks to insure our place among the selected projects. More info soon!

We will be with Maggie De Block at the Digital Health “snackeon”in San Fransisco

07 June 2016
Jeremy Bachelet

San-Francisco is a must-go for all startups that have an opportunity to do it. Be it to develop your business or just to get a glimpse of the intense economical eco-system of the Silicon Valley!

Andaman7 has kept in touch with the Silicon Valley and will be present tomorrow (4:30 PM GMT-8 on June 8th ,1:00 AM GMT+1 on June 9th) at Digital Health Luncheon. Over 50 guests from 35 enterprises & organisations have confirmed their presence to the event and we even got a slot to pitch Andaman7 to the crowd!

Andaman7 parterns up with "Youth Cancer Europe"

06 June 2016
Jeremy Bachelet

"If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together".

At Andaman7, we strongly believe that we are stronger together. We met the president of the "Youth Cancer Europe" association during an EORTC meeting.

We won the Agoria Mobile e-Health Award 2016!

03 June 2016
Jeremy Bachelet

Good news keep coming in! So we need to share them with you guys!

Yesterday took place the 2016 Agoria ehealth Awards. Our CEO et COO attended and they weren't disappointed...because we won the award for the Mobile Health category!

Andaman7 joins EUCoLab !

02 June 2016
Jeremy Bachelet

We got some big news! As you know, we are aiming at reaching as many people as possible around the world and allow everyone to access their medical data.

Well we just joined some of the biggest names in term of collaborative economy in EUCoLab : a forum of companies coming together to explore the current and future policy and regulatory landscape of the collaborative economy. 

Our free API allows any system to be connected to Andaman7

01 June 2016
Jeremy Bachelet

With our free API, possibilities are endless: any connected object can be used to collect information and be directly stored in the relevant sections of the health records on Andaman7.

If you have a developer in your team (and chances are you do if you have anything to do with connected devices), you can simply send them to our developers' platform. 

Samsung owners beware

01 June 2016
Antoine Purnelle

Dear users,

It came to our attention that some Samsung devices have issues using our app. It appears that at least the Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S4 and Galmaxy S5 running Android 5.0 Lollipop are concerned.

This is actually an issue inside Samsung's version of Android 5.0.

According to our sources, those devices are eligible to a Android 5.1 or even 6.0 update that should solve the error.

If you have a Samsung device running Android 5.0, we recommend to update it to the latest OS version.

With Andaman7, Android users can access HealthKit© (Apple) data

31 May 2016
Jeremy Bachelet

Step by step, we are making health data more accessible to people!

With the new update of our iOS version of the app, the data collected by "HealthKit©" on an iPhone are accessible on Android devices and iPads. 

Indeed, all you have to do is to share said data through Andaman7 from one device to another (providing the users have activated that functionality)!

Press release: Taking charge of my own health

30 May 2016
Maite Grisard
Andaman7 makes communication between the patient, his family and health care professionals simple and effective.

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