New feature - Charts

20 December 2016
Jeremy Bachelet

A little Christmas gift for our users. From now on, you’ll be able to visualize your medical data in the form of a chart! Ideal for a quick overview of large amounts of data.


It is now possible to display a series of numerical data in a chart. Weight, for instance, can be calculated by a connected  mobile device (smart scale) and then displayed in a chart to illustrate changes over time.

Video of our pitch at Health 2.0 in Santa Clara

07 November 2016
Jeremy Bachelet

A few weeks back, we told you we were going back to the United States (see our news post here).

Among oher things, we got the opportunity to pitch Andaman7 at the Health 2.0 in Santa Clara. The crowd was really receptive and confirmed that we are heading the right way! you can have a look at the presentation hereunder.


New language available: Japanese

07 October 2016
Jeremy Bachelet

We did it again!

A brand new app language is available: Japanese.

If you are a japanese native speaker and notice something wrong in our translations, do not hesitate to reach out to us so that we can fix the issue:

A7 Newcomer - Mariella Muvira / Marketing Intern

05 October 2016
Jeremy Bachelet

Mariella Muvira - Marketing Intern

I’m Mariella Muvira and I’m a 25-year old international student at HEC. I’ll be joining the Andaman7 team as a marketing intern for about 10 months. I’m currently pursuing a 2-year Master degree in Social Enterprise Management and it’s been a blast so far...


The first connection with a hospital is up and running !

20 September 2016
Jeremy Bachelet

Today is a big day for Andaman7: for the first time in Belgium (and many other places), a hospital allows its patients to retrieve a series of medical documents directly on their cellphone/tablet. 

Fresh look for our newsletter

07 September 2016
Jeremy Bachelet

Summer got us all creative here at Andaman7 and we decided to give our good old neweletter a fresh new look!

Behold the brand new Andaman7 newsletter:



Wanna keep up with our project? Subscribe to our newsletter at the top of our homepage:


Collaborative economy round tables - EucoLab

05 September 2016
Jeremy Bachelet

Just a few months  ago, and alongside several big names of the collaborative economy, we have joined  EucoLab (see our news).

Back to the States

02 September 2016
Jeremy Bachelet

Maintaining a close contact with the American market is important for us. Major player of the e-health sphere are active there and we intend to play in the same league.

Our founder and CEO, Vincent Keunen, will be there for a few weeks. Without giving too much away, he will be:

New Update for all platforms

02 September 2016
Jeremy Bachelet

Design vector partly designed by Dooder -

Andaman7's  new version is available on iOS (1.8) and Android (1.1) !

Discover all our new features, amongst which:

OS notifications

2 new languages available!

29 August 2016
Jeremy Bachelet

They just keep on comming! Two new languages have just been made available in our app. You can now use Andaman7 with an interface integrally translated to Korean and Polish!

Read more about our available languages in our previous post.

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