New feature Version 2.0 - The "menu bar" (iOS)

27 June 2017
Jeremy Bachelet
So long lateral menu screen...hello« bar-menu »

What we like in mobile apps is their simplicity and efficiency. That is precisely the reason why we decided to get rid of the main menu screen on which you had to constantly come back to change sections and navigate in the app. To replace it, we developed a more practical "menu-bar"

New feature Version 2.0 - The new Circle Of Trust

27 June 2017
Jeremy Bachelet
/*-->*/ Safely sharing your health records has never been easier

One of the strong suits of our app is the ability to securely share your medical data with people you trust. For the release of our Version 2.0 , the concept of Circle Of Trust has been completely remodeled to make it even easier to share data with your close ones and your healthcare professionals.

New feature Version 2.0 - Search and filter your document

27 June 2017
Jeremy Bachelet
Searching and filtering your documents !

Using Andaman7 means being sure you benefit from an efficient technological tool to manage your health.

The new release of the app (Version 2.0) gives users the possibility to search, sort and filter your documents.

Andaman7 users workshop

08 June 2017
Jeremy Bachelet

As you know, we have always paid great attention to or users' feedback. That is why we diceded to put into place the "Andaman7 workshops".

V2 coming soon!

02 June 2017
Jeremy Bachelet

We've been working on it for will be the outcome of a massive feedback collection among our partners and's almooooost ready, the one and only Version 2 of Andaman7!

We're sharing a few printscreens (Beta version so far) and without revealing everything, we can already tell you this new version will be drastically different :

- Simplified interface

- Faster access to main functionalities

- Filtering and searching among your documents finally available!

- A brand new timeline view



Back from Health 2.0

17 May 2017
Jeremy Bachelet

V 2.0 Sneak preview

17 May 2017
Jeremy Bachelet

1 year ago,  we were hosting our very first press conference, introducing Andaman7 to the public. The last year has been a busy one. We learned a lot, we faced many challenges but we can proudly say we managed making our e-health project evolve in the right direction.

Pitching at SharksTank

27 April 2017
Jeremy Bachelet

Andaman7 U.S. Business Development Manager, David Levesque, had an opportunity to do a Live pitch in front of some San Francisco based Sharks.

Watch and listen as David presents a short description of the Andaman7 value proposition and answers questions from judges.



Selected for the Health 2.0 Barcelona

11 April 2017
Jeremy Bachelet

Yay! We just got confirmation of our selection to showcase Andaman7 at one of the biggest health/IT conference in Europe: Health 2.0!

This year's venue will take place in Barcelona (Spain) in May during 3 days and focus on two big thematics: Patient 2.0 and Doctor 2.0.

HIMSS Days - The aftermath

30 March 2017
Jeremy Bachelet

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