Tv report - On n'est pas des pigeons

RTBF's flagship show "On n'est pas des pigeons" decided to give Andaman7 a try... and the result couldn't be more encouraging:

  • Sébastien Nollevaux and Hubert Mestrez proved to be really enthusiastics regarding our app and it's perspective of use for patients. They even went so far as to encourage seniors to purchase a smartphone to be able to efficiently centralize and share their medical information in our app!
  • Philippe Kolh, strategic director of the University Hospital from Liège (CHU-Liège) took advantage of the small documentary to look back at the first 6 months of partnership between Andaman7 and the hospital.
  • Geaorge Larbuisson, patient comitee director (CHU-Liège) also explains why it's  fundamental to be able to access and manage your own health documents from your smartphone.

"The future of medecine will also, maybe, happen through our smartphones."

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TV documentary (French)



Radio teasing (Vivacité) (French)


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