New feature Version 2.0 - The "menu bar" (iOS)

So long lateral menu screen...hello« bar-menu »

What we like in mobile apps is their simplicity and efficiency. That is precisely the reason why we decided to get rid of the main menu screen on which you had to constantly come back to change sections and navigate in the app. To replace it, we developed a more practical "menu-bar"

What's so great about it? Well, it remains visible on every screen of the app, thus making it possible to navigate through the different sections much faster.

In addition tot he 3 main sections of the app (My records, Circle Of Trust, Notifications), you can simply click on "More" to access all the other menu sections.

Easy, crystal clear and efficient! Don't wait up and try it out! Please note that this feature is currently only available on IOS devices (the Android version will follow in a few weeks)

Download Andaman7, it's free!

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