Andaman7 user guide (update)

08 August 2017
Jeremy Bachelet

The first version of ourt user guide came out a few weeks before the release of our version 2.0.

Many things have changed and the document needed some major updated :)

You will find the new version of the user guide in PDF format here:


Patient Power

03 August 2017
Jeremy Bachelet
Patient Power: Knowledge. Confidence. Hope.

Patient Power® is devoted to helping patients, survivors and their circle of support through knowledge to get the best treatment available and return to or maintain good health.  

Google Chrome Extension is in final testing phase

31 July 2017
Jeremy Bachelet

Little summer treat for our users: we are finalizing the development of an Andaman7 extension for Google Chrome .... Okay, sounds nice, but what is it exactly?

Patient Engagement Improves Health Outcomes

25 July 2017
Jeremy Bachelet

Community based health education requires effective engaging communication which enhances patient understanding and compliance and improves health outcomes.

Version 2.0: Everything you need to know!

28 June 2017
Jeremy Bachelet

New feature Version 2.0 - The icons-grid section menu

27 June 2017
Jeremy Bachelet
Welcome beautiful icons!

So long boring lines and come the (almost) best looking icons you've ever seen !

More intuitive & clearer, they allow a fastest and more fun reading of the medical sections of a health record. Isn't that what good apps are all about, simple & fun ?

New feature Version 2.0 - the Timeline view

27 June 2017
Jeremy Bachelet
A timeline view: so useful!

In Andaman7's latest version, several improvements have been made. Our team particularly likes the new Timeline view that allows users to display all their medical information in a chronological order.

New feature Version 2.0 - Improved graphs

27 June 2017
Jeremy Bachelet
/*-->*/ Make room for the brand new graphs!

Having all medical data at one place is great, no doubt about that. 

Being able to visualize them in an easy way is even better! Right ? come our brand new graphs!

New feature Version 2.0 - The "menu bar" (iOS)

27 June 2017
Jeremy Bachelet
So long lateral menu screen...hello« bar-menu »

What we like in mobile apps is their simplicity and efficiency. That is precisely the reason why we decided to get rid of the main menu screen on which you had to constantly come back to change sections and navigate in the app. To replace it, we developed a more practical "menu-bar"

New feature Version 2.0 - The new Circle Of Trust

27 June 2017
Jeremy Bachelet
/*-->*/ Safely sharing your health records has never been easier

One of the strong suits of our app is the ability to securely share your medical data with people you trust. For the release of our Version 2.0 , the concept of Circle Of Trust has been completely remodeled to make it even easier to share data with your close ones and your healthcare professionals.

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