Circle Of Trust V2

Our team of software developers are currently working on updating Andaman7’s Circle of Trust feature. The application is a work in progress for which you will be kept in the loop, of course, and we thought it to be a good opportunity to remind you how the Circle of Trust feature works :)

This basic app feature offers users the possibility to share the information available in their Andaman7 accounts, with the people they deem trustworthy: family members, family doctor, medical specialists,…

For instance, this will allow a user to share his/her latest blood test results provided by his/her hospital, with a member of his/her entourage or a medical specialist who wouldn’t have access to said results otherwise.

A user doesn’t have to share his/her ENTIRE medical record with ALL the members of the Circle of Trust. Therefore, the user maintains full control over his/her medical information at all times by choosing what will be shared and with whom. Easy as pie!

For further information, please consult the following FAQ:

How can I add someone to my Circle Of Trust

How do I share a record with other Andaman7 users? What is a sharing rule?

How can I share my medical records with my doctor?

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