Frequently Asked Questions

Setting up

Andaman7 was developed to serve the vast majority of mobile users. That is why we developed our app on the 2 main operating systems: iOS (iPhones, iPad, iPod Touch) and Android (smartphones and tablets).


The latest version of the app is fully compatible with iOS 8.2 and up. Those versions of iOS cover over 90% of users We also provide an older version on the app for iOS 7 but it’s not supported anymore.


We are fully compatible with Android Jellybean (4.1, 4.2, 4.3), Android Kitkat (4.4), Android 5.0 and 5.1 (Lollipop), Android Marshmallow (6.0) and Android Nougat (7.0). We are even compatible with the next Android version that remains unnamed so far and is only accessible to developers (the so-called “N” version of Android).


Without any judgment on the product or its use, the number of people using Windows Mobile OS is too small in comparison to iOs and Android. The work load to develop and support a solution for Window Mobile would be too time consuming for a small company like us.

Andaman7 is a mobile application only. We do not develop on PC or Mac.

However, we have built a platform for other actors, such as companies developing a health management tool on PC or Mac, to interface with our application. For further information on possible partnerships, contact

Images can be added to a record only in PDF, JPG or PNG format. Our technical team is busy working on getting compatible with other medical image standards.

We are reaching out to medical imaging companies to help us with this work.

Moreover, when we launch our Premium Offering "the companion", it will allow storage of large high quality image files on a computer and only access the low definition and smaller file size image directly on the mobile device.

Although you can immediately create and add to records as soon as you have registered in the app, we need to make sure your email is indeed yours before we add you to our community and allow you to add people to your circle of trust.

That is why the app will ask you to validate your email address upon registering.

Don't worry if you canceled that step when you registered,it can be done at any given moment later in 3 easy steps:

1) Tap on the "Validate my account" button

2) Check if the email address displayed is correct and tap on "resend activation email"


3) Click on the link in the email you have received...and you're all set!

Note that if the email address is not correct, you can modify it by choosing "change email address" in step 2). You will then receive your validation link to your correct email address.


You missed the automated email that contains your email validation link? Nothing to worry about. The email can be send one more time to the email address you used to create your account.

How to resend the activation email? 

You can easily change the application language within the settings of the application. To do so:

  • Go to "Settings" ("Gear" icon at the bottom left of the main menu)
  • In the "Misc settings" section, choose "Application language" then select your language.
  • The refresh is automatically done and your settings are automatically saved

Sharing a record in (fully or partially) Andaman7 is done by creating sharing rules.

A sharing rule is defined by three parameters:

  • Which record do I share
  • Who do I share with
  • Which parts (fields) of the record do I share

You first need to add the person you want to share the record with to your circle of trust

Andaman7 allows any connected object compatible with Apple's HealthKit© app (available for iPhone 4s and up, iPod 5th generation and up, but not for iPads or Android devices) to directly import the collected data into an Andaman7 health record.

Andaman7 should open a dialog box to allow the import of information automatically. If that is not the case or if you accidentaly skipped the dialog box, follow this procedure: 

- Go to "Setting" by clicking on the "gear" icon at the bottom left of the main menu.

- Choose "Import data from the Health app". A confirmation screen "Activate Health app import" will appear.

- Press "Continue" and select which information you would like to import from the Health app (or simply select "All categories On"). 

- Click "Allow" at the top right of the screen

- You're done! :)





Yes. The app works offline.

You can add content to the app without being connected to the Internet. The only functionalities that require to be online are the ones directly linked to the synchronization. You need to be connected when using:

  • Community: to find people to add to your Circle of Trust
  • In/out : to send or receive new information. For example, you can create a new sharing rule with an existing contact but the record shared won't be sent until you are online
  • News: the news are cached so you can always access them but once you want to know more and click on a link to the website, you need the Internet.

Using the app

To add a new record,

  • Go to "My records" on the main menu
  • Press the large green circle with a "+" sign in it at the bottom right of the screen (or the "Create a record" button)
  • Fill in the "First name" and "Last name" fields and select "Done" to create
  • A new record is created and all and all user information can now be filled in (saving is automatic)


First you have to open the record's overview.

  • Go in "Patients" or "My records" on the main menu.
  • Tap on the record you want to modify. The overview opens.
  • Then tap on the section you would like to edit. The encoding view of the EHR opens.
  • Edit any field.
  • Saving is automatic. Swipe right to exit the overview.

We chose to archive and not delete for now to ensure no data would get maliciously deleted.

You can archive records to remove them from your list:

  • Go to "My records"
  • Swipe left (or tap & maintain- "Long click") on the record  you wish to archive


More info regarding archived records:

  • In the record list, click on the action menu and choose "Show archived records" if you want to see the archived records
  • To restore a record, swipe left (or tap & maintain- "Long click") on the record  you wish to restore. It is now considered as an active health record.
  • Let us know if you have an imperative to delete instead of archive the record at

To add a section to a health record:

  • In the main menu, go to "My records"
  • Choose the record you to which you would like to add a section
  • Tap on the "Add section" (green cirle with "+" sign) tab located at the bottom of the screen 
  • Select the type of section you want to add from the list
  • The new section opens uo and its fields are ready to be filled in


P.S.: By default, only non-empty sections are displayed on the health record overview. That is why only the "Administrative data" section is displayed for a new record.

Sharing a record in (fully or partially) Andaman7 is done by creating sharing rules.

A sharing rule is defined by three parameters:

  • Which record do I share
  • Who do I share with
  • Which parts (fields) of the record do I share

You first need to add the person you want to share the record with to your circle of trust

Then follow these steps:

  • Open the "Sharing Rules" menu by selecting "Sharing Rules" in the main menu
  • Click on the action menu at the top-right button of the screen (or on the large green circle with a "+" sign)
  • Choose "Add". Sharing rule edit screen opens.
  • You can name the rule and optionally add a description to it in order to recognize it on the rules list.
  • Each sharing rule is built upon 3 factors:
    • The recipient(s): The person in your Circle of Trust Trust you'll be sharing data with. Click the "Select" to browse your Circle of Trust and choose the recipient. So far, there are some differences between the iOS version and Android version for this field*.
    • Record(s): This refers to the Health Record you are going to share. So far, there are some differences between the iOS version and Android version for this field**.
    • Field(s): This defines what sections of the health record you will share. So far, there are some differences between the iOS version and Android version for this field***.
  • For the content to share (fields), you can either select "All fields" or a specific group of fields.

*: Note that IOS allows you to share with more than one person at a time (you have to create a specific group for those people)

**: Note that iOS lets you choose "a specific EHR", "a group of EHRs", or "all EHRs" 

*** Note that the Android version only allows a sharing of the whole health record so far.

Removing a document (image, PDF file...) is a function we call "invalidating" in Andaman7. An invalidated document will automatically disapear from your Andaman7 record. Please, take caution when you invalidate a document attached to a shared records as Andaman7 will automatically invalidate the document in the record of your peer. 

While it's clear that the relationship with someone can reach an end at some point, Andaman7 does not allow to "remotely delete" information that was previously shared. Andaman7 works here like paper or email: once a piece of information is sent and received by the other end, it is not possible to "unsend" it (or remote delete e-mails or remote destroy paper). Beside technical difficulties, it would be pretty intrusive to remotely modify someone's data.

Even if such a feature was considered, nothing prevents the receiver to make various types of copies of the information anyway, making the feature useless.

Let's make it clear that it is possible to stop the sharing of new pieces of information if desired, at any time.

So when you share information, remember that:

1/ all data effectively shared can not be "unshared"

2/ sharing can be stopped at any time for new pieces of information

As of today, there are three different ways for you to make sure you get your data if you break or lose your device:

  1. Circle of trust: as soon as you share your whole record(s) with someone else, that person becomes your backup as well. Should you have to reinstall the app, all other device linked to you by a sharing rule will sync back your content to you
  2. iTunes backup: if you have iTunes on your computer, you can backup your device content and thus have a copy of everything stored on it. Make sure you encrypt your iTunes backup to ensure all data is secured. You will find a detailed procedure here. Beware that iCloud does not allow medical data to be stored
  3. If you have two devices (eg a smartphone and a tablet A B, or two smartphones A and B), we highly recommend installing Andaman7 on both devices and register with the same email address. This will trigger a two-way synchronization of all your data on both devices A and B. In case of losing a device (eg A), the other (B) retain a copy of all your data. And when you redeem a new device C to replace the misplaced A, all data will be synchronized from B to C once you have installed Andaman7 on C.

We are also working on a backup companion that will backup you your data. It will be part of our Premium Offer.

Simply go to "Patients" (if you created an account as a health specialist) or "My records" (if you created an account as a patient) on the main menu.
Tap on a record in the list to display an overview of its content.

Your circle of trust is accessible via the button "Circle of trust" in the Main Menu.

Your circle of trust in Andaman7 consists of a group of people you want to share information with. Your circle is empty by default, but you can add existing Andaman7 users to it.To add someone to your circle, you have to search for that person in the system:

  • Go to "Circle of trust" in the main Menu.
  • Press the "Community" button    to make the search bar appear.
  • Type the name of the person you would like to add to your circle.
  • Press "enter" or "search" button on your keyboard. The results list shows up.
  • Tap twice on the person you want to add to your circle of trust.
  • If you go to the "My circle of trust" tab, you will see your contact is now part of your circle of trust.
  • If the person you are looking for is not yet on A7, send an email to invite her to use the app.

Andaman7 and the University Hospital from Liège (CHU-Liège) put together a very innovating project that allows patients to receive several kinds of health-related documents directly on their smartphone!

It's free for all patients from the hospital upon simple request! Are you interested in getting your health record on your smartphone? Simply send an email to to start the procedure.


demander dossier CHU

In order to merge records in your Andaman7, please select the 'My records' menu option, then tap on the top right button and first select "Find duplicates". Then, a list of duplicated entries could appear, select and merge records you finally want to merge.

If there is no records in the list, you can still do the merge by opening the record, use the top right button and choose "Merge with existing record" option. You finally just have to select the record you want to merge to the initial selected one.

We are working on different possibilities to connect Andaman7 with the several software applications that doctors use to manage their patient's health records.

For now, you can ask your doctor if they have installed Andaman7. Once they have, you can add your doctor to your Circle Of Trust and create a new sharing rule to share your record with him/her. He/she will be able to input consultations and send you information.

See other relevant FAQ's entries to know how to add someone to your Circle Of Trust and how to create a sharing rule.


The Andaman7 user interface is very easy to use. Watch this short video to see how Kate uses Andaman7 to manage her health information and her cancer care.



This error is not directly linked to our app but it is not uncommun on Android devices and it has been appearing in several apps lately.

Here is a few solutions that you could try to fix it (source:

Solution 1: Quite the Play store - open it again and try downloading the app again.

Solution 2: Log in and out of your Google Play Store Account

Solution 3: Clear Data and Clear Cache
Go to Settings --> Applications --> Manage Apps --> Click on Google Play Store --> Clear Data and Clear Cache



Solution 4: Alternatively you can also uninstall play store updates
Go to Settings --> Applications --> Manage Apps --> Click on Google Play Store --> Uninstall Updates




For data exchange to be effective, it is necessary that both devices launch the synchronization. The first has to occur on your device to send the data to the machine of your trusted person, which in turn will synchronize and enable the recovery of the record.


The synchronization is also triggered automatically at regular intervals when the application is launched. In that case, just wait a few minutes for the record to be synchronized between devices. The waiting time can be changed in Settings.

If necessary, the synchronization can also be triggered manually. For this you can go to the menu "In/Out" and press the sync button.

In addition, the table on this screen will give you more information on the exchanges carried out and will enable you to see that the record has been sent.

We don't store your sensitive health data on servers (so it is not in the Cloud). All your data stays on your device unless you choose to share it with someone in your Circle of Trust.

So, if you didn’t share your data with anyone and didn't back it up on a desktop, then yes... It's lost, the same way it would be if you had written it all down in a notebook without making copies.

The fact that we don’t keep a backup of your information reinforces the security and anonymity we give your private health data.

Want to do a backup of your data? You have 3 different ways of doing it. (See FAQ: "How can I backup the data stored in my Andaman7?")


Some advanced features of Andaman7 such as record sharing and community management require that you verify your email address by clicking on the link we sent you by email when you created your account. If you did not receive the verification email:

  1. check your spam folder (it can take up to a couple hours for the message to arrive)
  2. request a new validation email - and double check the email address you provided; use the validation button below the main A7 menu in the mobile app
  3. check the public A7 forum:
  4. as a last resort, contact us by email:

In order for the connection between the CHU-Liège and your smartphone/tablet to be automatic and efficient (meaning the ability to systematically receive new data/documents as soon as they are made available), three criteria have to be met:

1) Complete the entire identification process

The complete process is described here:

2) The CHU Liège has to be within your circle of trust

From the main menu, open the “Circle of Trust” menu and select the first tab from the left, “Circle of Trust”. If you see the CHU Liège profile on your screen then the CHU Liège is indeed part of your circle of trust.

  • If the CHU Liège does NOT appear in your circle of trust, an error occurred during the authentication process that took place at the CHU hospital. If this is the case, email us at and include your “numéro national” (national ID number) as well as a description of the issue you are faced with.

3)  You have to allow incoming data from the CHU Liège.

Incoming data status is indicated by colored arrows located by your contact’s name within your circle of trust:

  • A red arrow  ==> incoming data is NOT allowed. The CHU Liège cannot send you any document.
  • A green arrow  ==> incoming data IS allowed. The CHU Liège can send you documents.

The default setting is to allow incoming data from your circle of trust contacts(). If it is a red arrow appearing next to the CHU Liège, follow this procedure:

  • Click on the red arrow.
  • Tap the red “Incoming data forbidden” icon  , which will switch it to the green “Incoming data allowed”

  • The arrow by the CHU Liège’s profile is now green. The CHU Liège can now send you documents.

In order to help you better, our support team might ask you to send them your "debug info". Here is what you need to do:

- Select the health record you're having trouble with

- Press to option menu (3 dots) at the top-right corner of the screen  

- Choose "send debug info email"

- Briefly explain your problem and press "Confirm"

- Select the applicatino you want to send your debug info with (typically, the email app you have installed on your phone)


Here is a short (1:30) video of how, Kate, uses Andaman7 to help her manage her health care information.


The name Andaman comes from the Andaman Islands, an archipelago in the Bay of Bengal between India and Myanmar. The people of the Islands lived completely isolated from the rest of the world for some 2200 years.


Andamanese first came into sustained contact with outsiders in the end of the eighteenth century. Today, they are approximately 400–450 of them remaining. Some of them still maintain a steadfast independence, refusing most attempts at contact by outsiders (Learn more about Andamanese on Wikipedia:

Vincent (our founder) thought that was a nice metaphor for the communication problem we are solving: the healthcare sector is still way too siloed and isolated... and we are opening it to the modern world.


The "7" comes in closure of the name for multiple reasons:

  • it's a prime number with high significance in various mythologies
  • the number is used in the name of the format for structuring and exchanging medical information: Health Level 7 (HL7)
  • the year 2007 is when it all started for Vincent, the beginning of the story of where the project came from (to know it all, read his blog post:


Download Andaman7, it's free!

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