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Even though Andaman7 customer service and support are only provided in English or French, the content of the app itself can still be translated in any new language. If the app has not yet been translated in your native tongue or if you find missing/incoherent translations, you can volunteer as translator and help A7 community grow globally (wiki-like principle).

Please make sure you only translate from a language you know and into your own native tongue. Though there is always room for interpretation in the many languages we know, we are only considered an expert in our very own language(s) spoken since childbirth. Thank you for getting involved in A7!

Here are the necessary steps needed to become a volunteer translator:

  1. First, you need to be an A7 user already. If not, please first download the app and register as those specific login and password are to be used to access our translation platform.
  2. Then fill in the form so we can invite you to our translation platform (do not forget to use the email address you registered on A7 with)
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